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Football, Basketball, Shoutout, and Ish

The Philly Cheesesteak food vendor was really good. An added bonus is that it’s very close to my seats. As for the game itself, I definitely liked what I saw from Lovett at RB. He’s going to be special.

Lovett follow up question

He will shine! I look for a big day. I would have said yes to less spread, but with us now down a TE I’m not so sure.

You wouldn’t be alone in your disappointment of the D. I’ve thought about retiring my pinned tweet on twitter, but I’ll give it a little more time to see if the D develops. I mean, even Luke Skywalker had to have time to develop under Yoda...right?

The McLane fox will corner and devour the UTSA lucky roadrunner that travels with the team before the game. This will fire up our Bears while leaving the UTSA players in shock.

Even though Atkinson isn’t listed on the depth chart, doesn’t mean he won’t play. If we jump on UTSA (don’t @ me), then we should see him. Now that Houston is back, Lynch is still on the depth chart at CB, but it does open up the possibility of him playing both ways as the coaches want to get him on the field.

From prognosticators that I respect, I’m hearing anywhere from 4-8 to 8-4. As most of you know, I’m a glass half full kinda Bear. I’m going with 8-4.


Sturm is a playmaker for sure with over 3,500 yds and 34 TD’s (13 int’s) in his career. We better be ready or we could see a repeat of “Buckshot”, which would leave us shell-shocked. Yes, I do think we’ll be focused and bounce back.

The podcast gives those (of which I am not a part...smh), but of course I’ll give you a shoutout!

In the past 2 years, I’ve missed a total of 2 home games. The guy I’ve enjoyed watching develop during this time is Jake Lindsey. He’s not flashy, but he plays hard and does the little things well. I believe he’ll step into the “glue guy” role.

I’ll cheat a little on this question only because he played the 2nd half last week and we sure could have used him the 1st half. That would be Mo Porter. Mo brings stability to the OL. On the defensive side of the ball, Jameson Houston.

Outside of young and inexperienced players learning through trial by fire, getting healthy. I have no doubt that the DB’s watched a lot of film from last week and made adjustments in practice. In answering a previous question, Houston being back this week should give us a boost. It looks like Davion Hall is not only back, but could start at safety. Just these two additions drastically upgrade our secondary. Also, an informative tweet from Colt Barber below:

2 rec, 38 yds, 1 TD - How’s that? Also, I predicted he would be playing BU football while he still played for Scott Drew:

Being his senior year, this is Manu’s team. You can’t compete in the Big 12 without a point guard. He has the ability of hitting the big shot and taking control late in a game. His 12.2 ppg was second on the team last season. Now that he has Big 12 competition under his belt, I believe he will step up.

To me the lines getting into McLane moved much quicker. But, one of my favorite changes was having this close by:

I don’t see us changing our game plan based upon the running backs. They were recruited because the coaches saw them as a fit for the offense they are implementing at Baylor. Also, before the season began CMR said they’d both get PT.

Maybe, but he would be behind a beast in Boyd. Boyd was blowing people up with his blocks last Saturday! With TE depth being thin because of Feuerbacher’s injury, he or Boyd could slide over to TE. I really don’t know. I thought you might like to see a replay of Boyd’s blocking against Liberty.

That’s it for this week. As always, your questions and comments are welcome below.