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Liberty Game In Gifs

Gifs, Tailgating, and Sailgating

Before we jump into the GIFs, the tail/sailgating was epic. As always, enjoyed meeting new and seeing old friends from ODB. Here’s a few:

The good Dr. David Sprouse was making a house call to McLane, so I stopped to help him with his diagnosis. Being a fairly hot day, plenty of liquids were prescribed.

Enjoyed hanging out with another good doctor, the new Principal at Hubbard HS, Dr. Joe Ferguson.

Speaking of Dr.’s, our President, Dr. Linda Livingstone, heard that I could show her how to crash join some top notch tailgates. Mrs. BNT made sure I behaved. Folks, we’re blessed to have great leadership at the top!

Always great seeing Richard and Sarah Rogers.

Sometimes I come across celebrities like JB (l), ZK (r), and none other than the outstanding ODB contributor and 12 the podcast duo David Fankhauser.

Crashed Had fun at Jimmy Banks tailgate (he didn’t call security).

I helped the Cheer Squad warm up for the Bear Walk with a BNT Walk.

It was nice meeting K_bartee and his son right before kickoff. His son got to retrieve the kicking tee! Very cool...ok, I was a little envious.

Now for the Game In Gifs

When you see McLane from I-35 for the first game of the season.

Overhearing a freshman after their first Baylor Line run.

Stan sliding into his shady, breezy seats like

When they announce the D and come to Jalen Pitre’s intro.

Looking at the scoreboard as the 1st Quarter ends and we’re down 6-0

Then early in the 2nd Quarter Anu hits Mims on a beautiful 45 yard TD bomb to give us the lead.

But at the half with the score tied, you couldn’t decide if you were feeling

And not being able to go back to the tailgate section, the only coping solution was the concession stand.

When you watched Anu find his groove the second half.

What true freshman RB John Lovett looked like running.

When you’re asked why we are dropping so many passes.

What it looked like watching Liberty’s QB, Shotgun Carter, being unstoppable as he shredded us through the air to take the lead late in the game.

What it felt like seeing Liberty intercept our Hail Mary ending the game.

When leaving McLane and someone asks if we’ll bounce back against UTSA.

At least it wasn’t all bad this weekend.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s see your gifs.