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Football, Basketball, and OPEC

This deserves to be the leadoff question and answer.

Appreciate your patience TP!

BNT 2 for 1

Houston is listed on the 2 deep and Vaughans is listed as the backup FS on the depth chart against KSU. I don’t know about Jordan Blake.

During CMR’s interview he said Lynch is needed on D, but could use him in the O in some packages. The whole interview is good, but he starts talking about Lynch at around 9:48.

Yes, Ogor played some as you can see him giving chase to Adams.

From what I could tell, it seemed that OU did a good job of neutralizing him.

This would be a perfect time to see Atkinson break out, which I would love!

Yes, yes it has. Last week I was thinking 3-4 would be amazing. But, seeing the team and individual improvement week by week I’m adjusting to 5-6. Tough, but not impossible.

Let me answer as succinctly and as clearly as I can

Anyway, the answer is no.

Anu is till going through concussion protocol.

I’ll let our guest foreign oil analyst @DavidOcamb handle the question.

Satisfied @AngryGrantTeaff ?

I think we can win this game without causing any turnovers (although I’ll take as many as I can). We just can’t give away any. Their D is salty, but so was OU’s coming into the game (giving up 12.6 pts pg) and we had well over 500 yards against them. We need one of 2 things, or both, to happen. Jump to an early double digit lead or/and be more physical on D in the 4th Q. What does a BU win look like?

Good question and it was dealt with in the ODB Injury Update article in a post by TNBear on Tuesday.

Let me check with the experts and get back to you.

I don’t think we would be 0-4. Also, I’d be waking up the next morning after game day like this

*Disclaimer - It is not actually BNT in the above GIF, but a paid actor.

Well, that’s it for this week. Leave comments and other questions below.