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Gifs, Tailgates, and Freshman RB Abram Smith Update

WOW! What a game! Also, what a great time tailgating!

I was excited to finally meet my ODB buddies JakeDaSnake and NickOso.

This group of ODB lurkers were more than entertaining. They call their tailgate the NEM, whatever that means.

I’m an equal opportunity tailgate crasher visitor and even have fun meeting fans from the visiting team. How nice of them to show that Baylor is #1 in their hearts.

They had some good food, but Mrs. BNT tries to tell me that I shouldn’t visit a tailgate empty handed. So, I brought them some nice cool beverages.

They were thrilled.

Then there was this guy.

You can imagine the great surprise when I came across Jeff Dunham and Walter!

Fellow ODBer, Healthecity, was right beside me in McLane and we were cheering as loud as we could for our Bears.

After the game while getting some ice cream (preceeded by a burger and fries), I saw Freshman running back Abram Smith and got an update from him.

On his injury: He’s rehabbing well and will be ready for Spring camp.

On how he’s enjoy Baylor: Loves it! Blessed to be here.

On the attitude of the team: The fans are amazing and supportive. After tonight's game, even though they lost, he said the players in the locker room were very positive and believe they can win moving forward...even win out.

On shakes or malts: Shakes. (BNT editorial comment - no one’s perfect)

Really a fine and respectful young man.

Now for the Game in Gifs!

When you and your friends are walking across the bridge into the stadium and an OU fan cockily tells you that they’ll win 59-7.

When OU jumps to a quick 14-0 lead halfway into the 1st Q and you wonder how badly it will end.

But, the D tightens up and when you see Zach hit Mims on a beautiful pass to cut the lead in half.

You feel even better when the OU kick returner fumbles and places the ball on the 12 yard line. But, the excitement is short lived as on the next play you watch them break off a 99 yard TD run.

With OU scoring again taking an 18 point lead, you are feeling

But, when we score the next 10 points your hope picks back up.

Then when this happens (click the play button)

twitter goes crazy.

When we score 14 unanswered points to take the lead, you hear an OU fan close by say

OU builds another big lead and feel pretty smug, but we make a furious comeback. When Zach hits Mims again on a TD strike to cut the OU lead to a single score with a little under 2 minutes left, the stadium was

When we recover the onside kick, the OU fans where

But, we didn’t score. Even though we lost, all of us were/are proud of the way our Bears fought. As the game ended, we showed our love and support. (click the play button) #MyTeam #BaylorFamily #SicEm

Now it’s your turn. Add your own thoughts and gifs.