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Halftime: Oklahoma 28, Baylor 17

The game is on Fox Sports 1 for all persons that get that channel.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

TCU is making a statement today against one Oklahoma team, and Baylor will get a chance to do the same against the other. Are the Bears going to force me to get a tattoo and turn their season around today or not?

We may get some pre-game updates from the various beat writers present, so check back in the comments until the game starts. Kickoff is set for 5:30 PM. The current temperature in Waco is 93 degrees with virtually no wind. Should be about 90 at halftime.

I'm nervous, but that's pretty common for Baylor games. Maybe more common this year than most. All we do is support the Bears and hope for the best!


I decided to keep things in this game thread rather than go to a second-half thread separately because things are actually going pretty well right now. Zach Smith is on fire in the first half at 16/19 for 179 yards and 2 TDs, the Baylor offense has 17 points (should have been 20), and the defense has stepped up big after giving up two early passing TDs and a 99-yard TD run that will haunt them in their dreams. They've even hit Baker Mayfield a few times in this one after he taunted the Bears before the game.

Honestly, it's been significantly better than anyone probably expected, especially on offense. Baylor actually looks like a pretty legit football team for the first time this season against a quality opponent, and no matter what happens from here, we've definitely seen progress. I'm extremely excited right now.

Baylor will get the ball after the half down 11.


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