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Football, Food, Fed Rates, and Tatoo’s

I’m old school and like a little physicality during warm ups. It’s only full contact 1 v 1 for one play. Of course a freak accident could happen, but it could also happen during any drill or even during the Bear Walk. CMR said in his weekly press conference that if they do it this week it will come from the players. He also said it’s about physicality and team unity, but didn’t mention it’s to intimidate the opponent.

On defense Clay Johnston has continued to improve and play at an elite level week by week. According to the Big 12 statistical leaders, he is 3rd in average tackles per game and 2nd in tackles for loss. Offensively, I like Chris Platt’s big play ability. With Terence coming back this week, hopefully there will be a boost in the running game which would open up more opportunities for Platt.

Speaking of Terence:

Like this guy, everyone who’s in his way.

We will beat Kansas and Texas (see what I did there), and have a legitimate shot at ISU. Tech and KSU could be wins depending on our development and health. TCU might be an upset as it’s the last game and we should have a good grasp of the O and D playbooks and implementation. So, I’ll say 3. I hope I’m wrong and we will have more as we’ll be one of, if not the most, improved teams in the conference.

Hold on while I do some calculations.

Grayland Arnold. As much as we need Terence’s help in the running game, we need his help in coverage.

What is this “black out” you speak of?

For me (if we lose) it will be more about how we play than the final score. Did our offense take some positive steps forward? Is our defense continuing to get stronger? Was there growth with certain players and in key positions?

Their consensus preseason All-American OT tackle, Orlando Brown. At 6’8” and 345lbs, he’s one of the main reasons Baker Mayfield is so effective.

BNT 3 questions for 1 answer.

Seeing that the 2 options to answer are yes and yes...yes.

What is, yes?


With Terence back, hopefully we will be more effective running the ball. If we are, it will get us more TOP.

Over. With Ogor starting to come into his own rushing the passer, the staff should make adjustments to utilize him more against OU. As for the turnover margin, I think this will be a key in having a chance to win the game. It will need to be, and this might sound impossible (but it’s not), +3. Here’s a reminder of what Ogor can do, while being held no less:

Not much this season. The staff has probably made every recruit committed to or seriously thinking about Baylor aware of the situation. They have also specifically recruited to the players strengths and how they would fit in to the program. Another selling point for many recruits is the idea of potentially playing immediately. Although we aren’t a hot team at the moment, we’re still a hot brand.

Even though he’s a single digit guy and been pretty consistent each game, Ira Lewis doesn’t get the fanfare. Another guy who has real potential is true freshman, Harrison Hand. You can click on their names for stats per game.

With Anu graduating, we really need a QB to commit to provide depth and build for the future. Looking at you Gerry Bohanon.

I crash visit tail/sailgates, so

Quan is injured.

Good question, but for the sake of time I’ll give you who I would pick to build the offense around and who I would pick to build the defense around. Offense - RGIII and Defense - Andrew Billingsly. I would be interested to see others respond below with their all-star teams like this one from @ScottyRossSwing on twitter:

Might as well get one for the heck of it regardless.

Well, that’s it for this week. Other questions or comments can be left below.