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Big 12 Power Rankings 9/20

The top is very good

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Not much movement. The top two could win the national title. Hopefully the league doesn’t ruin this with the conference title game.

1) Oklahoma- The Sooners have the best non-conference win in the country and the player most likely to win the Heisman. Oklahoma is back.

2) Oklahoma State- Mason Rudolph should get two shots at Oklahoma. He may need to win both to get the Heisman or a playoff spot. He just might do that.

3) TCU- The Frogs made some mistakes against Arkansas and SMU. They still won both games easily. They’re the clear No. 3 in the conference, as of the right now.

4) Kansas State- Maybe Vanderbilt is going to shock people against Alabama. But after their loss to Vanderbilt, it seems more likely that Kansas State is heading for 8-4 instead of challenging Oklahoma or Oklahoma State. Never count out Bill Synder though.

5) West Virginia- The Mountaineers really could have helped the Big 12 by beating Virginia Tech. Instead, they look good enough to hurt the Big 12 by knocking off one of the league’s two playoff contenders.

6) Texas Tech- The Red Raider’s offense remains prolific. The defense has shown some signs of life. If they can get even a little from the defense going forward, they could move up this list.

7) Texas- The Longhorns were dominated by Maryland at home. They nearly beat USC in Los Angeles. Squaring those two things makes ranking Texas difficult. This seems like a team that will fight for bowl eligibility but knock off one of the league’s top four teams.

8) Iowa State- If the Cyclones had closed against Iowa, they’d have a good case for being as high as No. 4. But the game against Iowa showed the Cyclones are still a year or two away.

9) Baylor- Yes, the Bears are 0-3 and have a loss to Liberty. But watching the Bears and Jayhawks makes this an obvious choice. Baylor has several quarterbacks and is working players back onto the field any team would want. They should beat Kansas.

10) Kansas- The Jayhawks are still very bad. David Beaty seems like a great guy. But it’s year three and he still hasn’t found a quarterback. He may be running out of time in Lawrence.