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Duke Game In Gifs

First Road Trip Gifs and Tailgating

NCAA Football: Baylor at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Let me say, other than the final outcome of the game, I had a blast going to North Cacalaky (NC natives will get the reference) seeing old and meeting new Baylor friends. Gorgeous setting and impressively old and well maintained stadium.

It began on Friday evening by getting together with a wonderful group of Bears at the Bull City Burgers and Brewery. I’ll try to get this straight: Top L to R - Morgan, Chris, Lauriegirl13, OSOJDMcCoy. Bottom L to R - don’t know the first guy, the amazingly beautiful and sweet Mrs. BNT, David Anderson, Shannon Anderson, TxWayne, TxJoyce, BaylorBear4Life (Linda Carol), and Bob.

Also, bumped into fellow ODBer’s SicEmKentucky, an ODB lurker, and Jason Phillips. Jason needs to work on his Bear Claw a bit.

Early game tailgating is the worst, but these Duke fans were happy to share donuts and be...verages with me. Their son said he didn’t know our colors were green. Kids.

Seth and Daniel Russell’s dad and I went over the game plan together.

Connected with many Bears at the BU tailgate. Two of my favorites are Zach Smith’s grandparents who I met at the Cactus Bowl.

Got to catch up with my buddy Jeremiah Dickey, Associate VP for Athletic Operations.

Also, reconnected with Mack Rhoades who was the AD at UH when my daughter played soccer for the Cougs.

I may or may not have shared some pearls of wisdom with him.

Ran into many fans including former BUFB great Jay Kelly

and ODBer Ryan kingbu23.

Bears were even representing in the Atlanta airport. Bryan Baker said “hi” while we connecting flights in different directions.

Now for the Game In Gifs

When you visit Cameron Field House before the game and contemplate restoring the 2010 Regional (Elite Eight) Champions banner to it’s rightful place.

When the D forced a turnover and recovered a fumble on Duke’s first play

and then we scored when Zach hit Mims for a 44 yd TD two plays later!

But, on the next series our D gives up 50 yds on a scoring run.

You feel some hope when the D settles down and only trail Duke 14-7 at the half, but remember something you once heard somewhere.

And sure enough, your hope is tested as Duke builds a 10 pt lead in the 3rd Q.

But then when Zach hits Platt on a 79 TD reception right before the end of the 3rd Q that pulls us within 4 or 3 with the extra point, you can hardly contain your excitement.

But, you watch in horror as special teams rears it’s ugly head again and the extra point kick hits the left upright and bounces back.

And when Duke pretty much seals it with a pick 6 early in the 4th, you’re

Watching our D get pressure on the Duke QB and dialing up 5 sacks for the game you were loving it.

When you watched Clay Johnston grow before your eyes as a defensive leader this game

Trying to explain to friends that the D made progress, but then again the O seemed to go backwards.

Now it’s your turn to add yours.