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Baylor vs. Duke -- GAME THREAD -- Links, Notes, Tweets, Game Day Thread

So we've lost the first two games in somewhat embarrassing fashion. It happens. All we can do now is win the next one.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor goes for its first win of the Matt Rhule Era today in Durham as a 11-point underdog as of this writing. That's down quite a bit from yesterday, when it was 14 or 15. Could mean that a lot of money came in on the Bears in the last day or so. Also, from reports on the ground, it looks like we've got a number of fans that made the trip, which is encouraging for our team!

As always, we'll start with today's CFB viewing guide, brought to you by the Mothership.

Week 3 college football schedule: Streaming info and games to watch -
Streaming info and other viewing basics, all sorted to make it easy to spot the likely best games in each time slot.

Here's what I'll be watching:

  • 11:00 AM — Okie State vs. Pitt on ESPN. I think Okie State rolls here, but the line is closer than I expected.
    11:30 AM — BAYLOR on the ACC Network, FSSW, or whatever works at my house. I think FSSW.
    3:30 PM — SMU vs. TCU? It's on ESPNU. Tennessee vs. Florida on CBS would be an option if I hated myself.
    6:00 PM — LSU vs. Mississippi State? Not a great slate of intermediate games here.
    7:00 PM — Clemson vs. Louisville on ABC.
    7:30 PM — UT vs. USC on Fox? Is that right? Fox for a late game?


Should look pretty good.

Thoughts on Baylor vs. Duke

As I mentioned, Baylor comes into this one as a 11-point dog, down from 14 or 15 earlier in the week. We're on the road, 0-2, and starting a new QB. I'm pretty excited about that last part, but it's an unproven aspect right now, and there's no real way to know how it will turn out.

I have a feeling that the story of this game will be determined by how well we play on offense. The defense seemed to figure a few things out last week, although this will certainly be a bigger test than that was, but in the end we need to score points. In a perfect world, Zach Smith uses his arm strength to stretch Duke's defense vertically and horizontally and the offensive line can keep him clean. That will be particularly important since he's not as mobile as Anu Solomon (at least, we think). I'm hopeful that they make things easier for him with shorter passes that take advantage of his velocity to get the ball out quickly to the receivers and let them make a play in space.


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I've got my BU flag flying outside, my BU shirt on, and I'm ready to go. #SicEm

(BTW, this is our game thread.)