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Football, Commits, Pirates, and UFC

Nothing like jumping right into it.

I’ll give you a definitive answer to this.

This is probably a question we all have. CMR and staff seem like the type of men who shoot straight with a recruit. I believe they know what type of player they are going after and can communicate to them how they would fit into Baylor. I don’t see our recruiting dropping this season. One reason I think this is that it’s still looking positive with our committed recruits.

Question and answer wizardry in one tweet:

AARGH! So, where we going?

Our coaches are committed to the process and it’s the same process they’ve used in the past that has led to success. Players gaining experience while learning the system and others getting healthy will certainly help as well.

This question would make for a great article from Kendall. Kendall?

Yes, kudos. Here’s the tweet you referenced:

Clay isn’t the leader TY has been...yet. But, he’s getting there. He had a monster game last Saturday with 9 tackles and 1 assist. I’m very excited to see him take over the leadership role next year.

That’s been addressed and they have been moved. Now they can play Boomer Sooner until their little okie hearts are content (the spot has really good acoustics):

Don’t think so. I haven’t rewatched the game yet (still too painful), but I seem to remember him struggling with a D1 front a bit...which isn’t surprising with his lack of experience. But, he’ll get there.

I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised because of Blake’s size/speed/athleticism.

Probably, but I think he would have lost to his next opponent anyway.

We won’t know until the NCAA decides if they will or will not impose sanctions on us. If they do, we’ll have to see what the sanctions are. If they don’t, there is no comparison.

Terence is still out and will not play against Duke. From there it’s week to week.

Hasty is still out and the same as Terence regarding his return. I would say no as to being moved to IR as I don’t have a problem with his size, but the staff could prove me wrong. He was having a good night against Liberty, 11/56/1/5.1 until he got hurt. If the line develops, he should have some success when he comes back.

When is it NOT ok to slap a trash talking Red Raider? But, you might want to size them up first. Also consider,

Zach is a tough, smart guy with big stage experience. I know there’s concern about his mobility, but he can move when needed and can take a hit. At 6’4, he should see the receivers and make check downs more quickly. Also, his release and zip could help keep the D honest. I think we will see more intermediate passes, even though he can bomb it.

I don’t have that information, but you’ll be interested in knowing that he’ll be in the TE rotation this week now that Ish is out.

I’m not coming from Houston, but I did check with TXDOT and the problem has been fixed.

That’s all for this week. If you have questions or comments to add, post them below.