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QB 1, B2B, Baylor Line, Football Freshmen, and Hair

So...not having ANYTHING to do with my birthday (that was on Wednesday),

Right off the bat, here’s a BNT 3 for 1 as this seems to be the #1 question for Baylor fans at the moment.

I don’t think a player can get benched before the season starts. CMR is all about competition and letting the players win starting positions instead of anointing them. This goes for every position, not just QB. He was very complimentary of all 3 QB’s, but felt that Anu won the QB1 position for the Liberty game. One of the best explanations that I’ve seen is with an NFL tested and experienced coaching staff knowing how to assess strengths and weaknesses, they would go with the best fit for success. That means a mobile QB working behind a thin and somewhat inexperienced line would be the best combination. I said in an earlier mailbag that I thought Anu would play a lot (yes, I picked Zach to start) based upon the situation. But, CMR said that the announcement of the starter was just for this week and not for the season. Look for Zach to play a good amount, if not as much as Anu. You can hear the CMR interview here. Btw, it’s a great presser.

Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping for obvious reasons

All 3 intrigue me in different ways:

Pitre - The one recruit that stayed with us through all the horse hockey. Gotta love loyalty and obviously talented enough to start.

McVea - A RS-F who is a walk on starting?! Oh, and he runs a 4.38 40 to boot.

Lovett - Single digit jersey winner as a true freshman. CMR said he has seen it happen only once before.

Let’s also include Ryan Miller. He has landed on the 247 preseason True Freshman All American Team.

Of the 4, and I’m excited to watch all of them, I think Lovett. This guy is going to become a very, very special player for Baylor.

Now for a follow up tweet to my answer.

Listen to the CMR interview regarding Lovett. Start at the 5:05 mark.

Baylor’s very own Sampson, Tecklenburg.

I don’t know of an injury, but I could be wrong. All I can figure is that he got beat out. With CMR’s constant commitment to competing, you can’t stand still while others get better. Doesn’t mean he’s not a good player, but the guys in front of him are better.

*BNT Disclaimer: This is BNT’s opinion, like most all comments BNT makes, good or bad it is what it is.

He whose name will not be spoken fills all 10 slots:


I’ve heard a rumor that it was something that happened this summer, but if that were the case I don’t think he would have been voted a single digit by the team. CRM won’t elaborate, so

Non tweet question:

Will the team continue to do the Bear Walk before each home game?

Yes. This is a standing tradition. Click here to access all of the Liberty game day activities.

The Bear Walk is a great tradition and like a kid, I stand there with the other fans high fiving, fist bumping, chest bumping, etc, the players.

I still think they’re trending towards Baylor. So yeah, this was a thing between Bush and Bohanon Tuesday:

OSU - CFP; OU - Cotton; BU - Alamo (if we beat OU in the opener); KSU - Texas (cause I wanna see them beat A&M again); WVU - Liberty; TCU - Dallas; UT - Kansas ;)


I don’t pay attention to that kinda stuff, but I’ll let you be the judge.

I will say that Anu is the most talented QB in the Big12.

That’s it for this week. As always, leave comments and questions below.



p.s. Be watching for the Liberty Game in Gifs to drop early next week.