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Wrap Up the Offseason GIF POST

comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon let’s go let’s go get here football get here

When you just want the offseason to be over.

When you realize there is WAYYYYY less time until football happens than you originally thought:

When you realize you missed an opportunity to do this post when there was specifically 69 days left until kickoff:

Listening to Matt Rhule speak:

Thinking about the new offense that might not be as fast-paced but might be more versatile:

When the OurDailyPodcast gang makes short jokes about you in a medium you can’t immediately respond to:

When you consider that the Baylor defensive potential is already garnering national eyeballs (sup Ty Hildenbrandt ILY):

MRW ESPN says “Texas is back no really this time please listen please we promise”:

When you see #BaylorTwitter starting to tweet at recruits:

When some national reporter dude says Baylor is getting “Temple quality recruits” like it’s a bad thing:

When Baylor gets a new president who is extremely qualified and loves Baylor:

Me when Yung Shee comes back from the SEC thinking he all hot and stuff just expecting to be BangBangBaylorGang again:

Walking over to twitter dot com to interact with friendly opposing fans after a hard fought Baylor win: