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Football, Tailgating, Game Attire, Triggered, and Rico

Let’s get things rolling with a BNT 2 for 1

Tim Griffin gives us an update in his latest Baylor Diehards article. I see us using both Zach and Anu depending on the situation and package. Certainly they should both get on the field during non-conference play. Zach has an “NFL” arm according to CMR and Anu brings experience, mobility and leadership. I would be surprised to see them carry 3 QB’s on the roster, so it would make sense to redshirt Brewer. My lean for QB1? Drum roll please....Zach Smith.

When I look at UT’s new lockers, I think of this

Tom Herman needs to learn how to demo from Chip

With our TE’s being more involved in the offense, he should see a significant amount of PT. CMR said earlier this week that Ish and Jordan “will give us a nice unit there”. I think he will be a big contributor.

This is the age old question. In honor of my culinary mentor seen below, I’d have to go with

But, I wouldn’t turn down a waffle staring me in the face.

Mack Rhoades addressed this with DMN’s Chuck Carlton in this article. He also gave a good interview recently to David Smoak which you can listen to here. I’ll share one of the direct quotes from Mack regarding the investigation in the DMN article:

"It will lead us where it leads us. Like anything else, if there will be a bump in the road or an obstacle in our pathway, we'll get through. I've said this over and over again, that Baylor athletics has some really great moments in the past, but I believe our best days lie ahead."

If you missed his TD catch last night, here’s the link. As for a gif, one per customer. This happens to be one of my favorite Rico catches.

OU and yes. Better to catch OU early than later in the year.

I was at the SicEm365 Media Event last Saturday and our Senior Associate Athletic Director for External Affairs (try getting that title to fit on a business card), the great Doug McNamee spoke briefly on this. Here is the gist of it:

  • Green and Gold are our official colors.
  • If I remember correctly...kinda hazy because I was gorging on pancakes, we will be encouraged to alternate these colors during the season. All green one game, all gold one game, and so on.
  • We will continue to stripe the stadium for Homecoming.
  • No blackout.
  • I’ll probably continue to just do my own thing.

It will be AWESOME! As much as I love tail/sailgating, Mrs. BNT will tell you that I insist that we be in our seats in time to watch the Line run on the field. Also, I usually compliment line members I run (see what I did there) into after the game on their spirit and technique.

Triggered! Time for your weekly GP reminder:

He was in Waco this past weekend with his parents and was very positive. He’s still in play for us (no pun intended) and I like our chances.

Travon is still on the roster. I don’t know the status other than the situation has yet to be resolved. If it favors him, he might have to redshirt this season. We’ll have to wait and see.

Haven’t decided as I’m waiting for the ProComm Sports magazine with the Big 8 Conference preview to hit the newsstands to see their rankings.

How we do during the season might have some impact, but we are certainly trending towards a Top 20 class.

I can’t disagree with the answer below.

This is all you need to see of the article to know that it has no credibility at all.

When I saw that sentence,

The team will be much different than the 2016 version of a ship without a rudder. From all accounts, the players are laser focused and have bought into CMR’s philosophy and system. The growing pains will come from learning and implementing the new system. Our offensive skill positions should be fine, but the lack of depth on the OL could become a major issue. On the defensive side of the ball, this team will be an improvement. I never thought I would say this, but I think the defense will keep us in some crucial games. I’m predicting 8-9 wins and if we beat OU to start conference play, then we will go 10-3.

Yes, and it is extremely important. BNT is to be invited (and welcomed) to all tail/sailgates.

*CMR Endorsed

That’s it for this weeks mailbag. Leave comments or other questions below.