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NCAA Football: Texas at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hello again, everyone!

Every year since the blog started, we've done an ODB Pick 'Em league through Yahoo! Fantasy to pretty awesome results. Last year was our biggest yet with a full 100 active participants (though some of you lazy jerks fell out as the season went on).

I've now renewed the league once again for this coming year, and I believe that most of you who participated last year should have gotten an email invitation to do so again in the email that was associated with your Yahoo! account. So check that first before you do anything else.

Otherwise, click the link below to join the ODB Pick 'Em league. Spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis:

Once you're there, input the following information:

Group ID: 5367

Password: omgbriannance (I believe it is case-sensitive)

Once again, the group could fill up pretty quickly if last year is any indication, so try to get in ASAP. The first games are this coming Friday night, and I've chosen two picksets for us to use: Yahoo!'s top games (which is around 20-25 per week) and the Big 12. For this week, that should mean there are about 25-30 games to pick per week.

We use confidence points in this league, so you're not just picking winners. To repeat: you need to set confidence points EVERY SINGLE WEEK. If you have questions about how that works, please feel free to ask. I guarantee you're not the only one wondering.