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Starting QB, Former Commits, Official Visits, and Scrimmage Drone

My answer is based purely upon all the stuff that makes a good QB1. So, having hung out with his grandparents a little bit at the Cactus Bowl, I must go with Zach Smith.

It just so happens, that BNT’s Scientific Poll today supports my prediction.

Mark will be putting up a post about how to participate.

This usually takes care of the issue for me:

As mentioned, Cobb is no longer playing due to legal problems. Devin Duvernay, no surprise, is listed with the 1 WR’s at UT. Patrick Hudson is listed with the 2’s on the UT depth chart. J.P. Urquidez is not listed on the UT depth chart. Donovan Duvernay is not listed on the UT depth chart. Kam Martin isn’t on the 2 deep chart at Auburn, but is expected to get playing time. Brandon Bowen, TCU, is injured and out for the season. He would have been a contributor. Tren’Davion Dixon went to UH, left and now I don’t know where he is. DeQuinton Osborne went to Missouri, but left the program. No further update. B.J. Autry was dismissed and is at Jacksonville State. He is not on the depth chart. Jeremy Faulk was dismissed and signed this year as a free agent with the NY Jets.

What is the best color for a mailbag? Green and Gold

Why is a mailbag better than a mailbox? Mailboxes are kind of clunky and hard to carry

What is the ideal size mailbag? Big enough to carry a letter

Where were mailbags invented? The city of Mailbagonia by Stampton Mailbag. He put mailbags in dachshund led chariots driven by chihuahuas and sent them all over the city with the mail. I can’t vouch for delivery accuracy.

Just like our gov’t watches us,

I have to go with OU. They will be coming off of a very tough road game in “The Horseshoe” at Ohio State. OU has a tendency to play poorer early and gain momentum mid and late season. Also, OSU is always a tough venue in Stillwater. But, we could win both. BU Diehards has an excellent article where CBS college football analyst, Barton Simmons, says that BU is “talented enough to win every game it plays.” You can read the article here.

Don’t hear much about official visits yet. Ask again next week as there might be something confirmed with some recruits. I will say this, we have strong interest from some big time, meaning 4 star, players.

The BNT clan stays to sing the “Good Ole Baylor Line” after every game regardless the outcome. But since you are coming from Houston, I figure we will have our 2nd team in by the 3rd quarter. So, o/u at 15:00 left in the 3rd Quarter.

Being a loyal Baylor Nation(alist), the statue stays. #SicEm

That’s it for the this week. Comments and questions can be left below.