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QB, Defense, Rico, Debbie Harry, and Stuff

Let’s get to it!

CMR is still playing his cards close to his vest saying that he probably won’t name a starter until the week of the first game. You can see the video here. However, by most accounts it will be Zach Smith.

Answer #1: Herman will last longer coaching UT than he did demoing UT’s locker room.

But, he might be on a very short rope as the big UT donors are becoming impatient that Texas is NOT back.

Answer #2: They probably will not adjust their overall offensive strategy because of Baylor...which would be ok with me if our D is performing well.

Why couldn’t they? I mean Herman is a mastermind, right? Texas is back, right?

I think Rhule/Rhoades will change the scheduling philosophy. The Big 12 helped by requiring that all schools must schedule at least one non conference game against a P5 or ND. We currently have Ole Miss scheduled for 2020, looking at a potential home and home against BYU for ‘21/’22, and have a home and home against Utah for ‘23/’24. That’s moving in the right direction, but still doesn’t hide the SFA’s and ICW’s on the schedule. To be fair, Alabama plays Mercer this year and The Citadel next year. You can find cream puffs on most SEC team schedules.

As we all know, Rico is a freak athlete. He could probably excel at just about any sport he wanted to try. But, I think he will always regret not using his last year of eligibility in another sport at Baylor to be part of

To answer this question, let’s bring in our special guest. Blondie’s Debbie Harry, what do you think?

CMR is big on special teams and personally involved. He talks about it on Inside BU with John Morris, stating that he thinks special teams can win us a game or two each year.

We can’t. They’ve been passed down to the JV squad as you can see from the tweet below.

I’m sure one or more of the answers above offended Coach Sweat Ball, so....TRIGGERED!

Most Baylor fans are curious about this and wonder if CMR will slow things down from what we are used to by using a power set primarily. I was in Waco yesterday and was told that this staff understands how to play fast, but under control. They recognize and like that we have speed and will use it to our advantage. From what I’m hearing, we will go fast, but make appropriate adjustments as needed to different defensive schemes and game/field situations. We will still use tempo, but have the ability to tap the brakes. We won’t be going break neck speed, but we won’t be playing snail ball either. Sounds like we will be pleasantly surprised.

Can’t remember who did it, since it was so very long ago, but I found Wasting Away in Armadilloville to be exceptionally clever and inspirational. Yes, it was a parody on Jimmy Buffet’s Wasting Away in Margaritaville.

That’s all for now as I’m getting sleepy. I’ll leave you with a Sic ‘em Bears!