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Football, Basketball, Tackling Dummy, and Triggered!

Ok, let’s start things off with one of my favorite twitter followers.

Yes. I put that trash talking loud mouth in it’s place a while back. Here’s a Baylor Seal certified picture of the BNT victory.

We might hear an announcement(s) fairly soon. You can see CMR address what characteristics these players should embody in the BU Unscripted video. In another interview CMR said that it isn’t only about toughness, but character and work ethic. He wants these players to be high bar examples on and off the field. Anyone on the squad can be honored. If an OLineman is selected, it would be an honor for them, but as per NCAA rules they have to wear between 50-79.

I tried to interview him about this, but he was stoic and refused to comment. However, he did allow me to take his picture.

Now for the weekly BNT 2 for 1:

I think this is the #1 question among Baylor fans. Most would probably measure success by winning 6 games. I think we will do better. Even Vegas has us at 7.5. If the players buy into the coaches philosophy, learn the playbook, work hard, and and stay focused we could see a special inaugural season under CMR.

Below is a good follow up tweet to the above question.

Pretty high in certain areas, like the OL where you could see Ryan Miller start at center (currently running with the 1’s) and Henry Klinge viewed by CMR as a significant contributor 2 deep. This should give us more depth than expected on the offensive line. Co-OC Jeff Nixon is impressed with RB John Lovett who could get some carries this season. On the defensive side of the ball, DeMarco Artis and James Lynch could see playing time. Also, CMR feels good about those who will not see the field this season and thinks each one of them will be a contributor at some point in their career.

I am not at liberty to answer the question at this time. But, you might want to have these handy.

If you’ll allow me to endorse a current player, it would absolutely be Ish Wainwright. No doubt that Ish would kiss babies, walk the district going door to door, and be a strong advocate for the people he represented. This would also be a good time to mention Baylor’s own Gov. Mark White passing. Gov. White tells the story of trying out for basketball his freshman year at BU. He said that at the end of tryouts the coach pulled him aside and said, “Mark, I’d like to keep you on the roster, but you’re just too short for your speed.”

Oh man, this is an easy one for me. 2010 Men’s Basketball team. In the Elite 8 game against Duke they were taking control when Quincy Acy made a layup and was fouled by Zoubek (5th foul) to give the Bears a potential 5 point lead with 4:37 left. But not so fast. Acy was called for a charge and the points were taken away. There was another questionable call on Tweety Carter a couple of possessions later putting Duke into the double bonus at the line. Duke went on to win the game and eventually the National Championship that certainly could have been BU’s. Larry Brown gives a great breakdown of the favorable calls for Duke in the game here.

No, you perverted little tart.

Yes. This will be one of the best Arena League Football games of the season.

I agree with this answer:

And will accept this answer:

But I truly wish it was Coach Sweat Ball.


It won’t be as he’s safer than safe.

Since we triggered Coach Sweat Ball, this would be a good time to answer the following question:

If we beat TCU in Fort Worth on a last second field goal to win 61-58 in CMR’s first game at Amon G. Carter, I would get drunk off froggie tears.

I definitely can see TY leading the Big12 in tackles. Hasty, probably not. Keep an eye on KJ Smith who certainly has a shot at leading the league in sacks. Here are the Big 12 statistical leaders in each category last year.

A few for Baylor that I came up with:

  • 50 Shades of Grayland
  • Making the Quan
  • It’s Miller Time
  • Zach to the Future
  • Office of Defense Attorneys Smith, Nance, and Young

Add yours for any college team down below.

Bonus Tweet in honor of the retirement of Aggie announcer Dave South. Listen as it will make you very happy.

That’s it for this weeks Mailbag. As always, leave questions and comments below.