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ODB MAILBAG 7/7- Football and Life

The mailbag returns!

We’ll start off with a BNT 2 for 1

Well, UT will be fun because I can’t wait to beat their sorry hides (no pun intended) and can’t stand them. The game I’m really looking forward to is our first conference opponent, OU. The cheap shots, thuggery, and disrespect they showed us two years ago at McLane will not be forgotten...and that was just their fans. Their players were worse. This will be the game no one expects us to win and will have even greater significance if OU comes into town undefeated having beaten Ohio State.

Regarding Scruffy’s, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere?

Being a strategic and tactical Bear, I definitely choose my seats based upon shading and minimizing the wind. As far as changing the Baylor mojo, I don’t know but making sure these are priorities with my seats sure helps my mojo with Mrs. BNT.

We are very thin on the OL, but will have enough bodies even if we have to steal them from other positions (Sam Tecklenburg). It’s definitely crucial that we keep folks relatively healthy. The outlook for #TheWall? Go ahead and brace yourself, they will be ready!

Unfortunately, Saban was in the delivery room and flipped him to Alabama.

The coaches are pressing for Bohanon who should be on campus before too long. By all indications, he seems to be leaning towards BU. If we don’t land him, I’m sure the 2018 class will have a QB. Who that will be is hard to say. A couple that I think we would have a shot at and have shown interest are UH commit Chance Amie and Kevin Doyle out of D.C.. Both are talented with Amie being a duel threat prospect and Doyle a pro style.

ISH! Oh yeah, he’s a TE...never mind. I think Platt will have an excellent season, but I’m excited to get a look at what RJ Sneed can do.

I hugged him about as long as I hugged this guy. I have no comment on the reports that the police were called in both times.

I like the o/u at 8 out of Vegas. These guys know stuff and evidently they think the 2017 Bears are going to be above average. I’ve gone on record saying we will win 10 if we get by OU.

*Disclaimer - BNT is not a bookie and discourages anyone from placing a bet based upon his opinions.

Ish at tight end will keep the streak alive. Since you doubt my answer, I’ll offer you another. Zach and Anu can throw the ball, different styles, but they can connect with receivers. I don’t see Rhule being afraid to throw the ball. He had 2 different receivers with over 900 yards at Temple last season. Even with KD and Ish leaving early, this team still has talent and speed at WR.

Dana could pull it off as often he has a quasi mullet.

The coach who couldn’t, well I’m not going to say because

I take it this question is in reference to the Corona and UT announcement yesterday. Not all Big 12 teams would have a sponsor, like K-State and ISU.

Let’s start with Kansas. Oddly enough, they have the same sponsor as UT.

As for Tech, I left a message for my neighbor who is a TT fan from Lubbock. I’m waiting for him to get back to me.


West Virginia is sponsored by a local moonshiner.



Sorry I couldn’t get to all of your questions, post them below and I’ll answer. Any comments? Leave them below.