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Bears, #B2B, Bowls, and More

I still have no reason to think that Bush will not be a Bear. Bush and his parents will be in Waco on Saturday. Read into it what you will, but this is his tweet regarding Bohanon’s BU uniform tweet:

The way I interpret it is

Duke could be tough. They have an outstanding basketball team with a Hall of Fame coach (yes, I still have heartburn from the refs stealing the 2010 Elite 8 win from us). On the football side it will be our first road game. I see it being a battle as Duke has a potential future NFL QB in Daniel Jones. It will definitely be a test for our D. But make no mistake on this one as

I plan on going to the game and giving you a recap with an On The Road With BNT article. No way will I miss CMR’s first road game.

Since I have gone on record saying that if we beat OU in the conference opener we will go 10-3, that could put us in the Alamo Bowl vs Oregon. Wouldn’t that be fun!

With CMR I doubt we will have 90-100 plays per game. We will see a more balanced offense between up tempo and ball control. Because of this change in philosophy, Rule prefers linemen who have good frames, are athletic, and mobile. Also, you’ll see our TE’s much more involved in the offense on the receiving end. Another strange sight for us BU fans will be the utilization of a fullback.

As much as I would like for it to be the coach on the right, I’ll have to agree with you that it’s the one on the left

However, Grizz’s answer is acceptable as well


  1. Yes
  2. I sure hope so, but we might experience some growing pains

I’m setting the O/U at 2, because we should pray that we are never forced into seeing a resurrection of the WildBear.

Moving on,

I’ll see what I can do. But understand, I can’t even get myself on the podcast.

Alrighty then, next question please.

Tyrone Hunt

Yes, I feel really good about our chances with Grant Tisdale. As I’ve mentioned before we have another good QB prospect in Chris Herron who isn’t as big of a name, but holds an offer as he has impressed our staff.

To answer your question, I agree with the following tweet

Oh, and Smith is out for the season incurring an ACL tear this spring.

Rhule seems high on Solomon. I think he will be used in certain sets. He would definitely give us a different wrinkle. Kendall gives a great preview of Solomon here.

I have no update, but am curious as well.

I hope the answer for Herman (and for our enjoyment) is as many as

As for GP, of course not. Here is your weekly reminder:

That’s it for this weeks edition. If you have comments or questions, post below.