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Football, Basketball, Baseball, Line Dancing, and Tom Herman

We had some excellent questions this week, but I’ll start off with a couple of my favorites:

Too late. He already has a date. Click on the arrow.

I’m so excited that it’s a night game! I put the o/u at 6. Now if someone has a great spread and beverages, that will impact the o/u significantly.

Most know that I’m a huge Ish fan...probably because I’m a season basketball ticket holder. But, I’ll choose someone else on offense. Although he has big shoes to fill (Kyle Fuller) is undersized and playing a new position, I think Sam Tecklenburg will have a good season at center. On defense I’m impressed with Tyrone Hunt. He started figuring things out late last year. Rewatch the Cactus Bowl where he had a great game.

I haven’t heard if he’s decided either way to attend, but I hope Tommy Bush makes it. If he does, there is a good chance he will commit. Sleeper? I have no clue. A 2019 to watch is Langham Creek dual threat QB Chris Herron.

I regret that I missed out on this awesome experience. But, I did a good deal of line dancing at The Melody Ranch. Surprisingly it is still around and in the same location. We could always have an older alumni “line camp” experience there.

Why would anyone who has the opportunity to go, miss Matt Rhule’s first game at Baylor? Asking for a friend.

I find this to be a paradoxical question. Why would a Bear wrestle a bear?

Under the radar and biggest impact, Ish. I’m telling y’all, he’s gonna make some big plays in key situations. Incoming freshman? I’m going with freshmen as Klinge, Miller, and Newman will all see significant playing time on the OL.

Maston should have a breakout season this year. He will have to shoulder more of the scoring inside with J-Mot gone. I don’t think that will be a problem with his soft touch. I look for him to give us 10-12 points and 5-6 rebounds a game.

Like J’Mychal Hasty, Arya is small, quick, and lethal being one of my favorites. On the other hand, Lady Mormont is the Lady of Bear Island. In the end, we have to protect the Bear. Therefore, bye bye Arya.

BNT 2 for 1

I see this staff putting a greater emphasis on our kicking game. It is encouraging that last year the Temple conversion rate (on 13 more attempts than BU) was 86% to BU’s 62%. Martin should be an improvement over Callahan. I’d be thrilled if he were accurate from 45 in. But, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Chris because of “The Kick” against TCU.

Baylor Baseball exceeded expectations by making it to Regionals. They should be stronger as Coach Rod now has 3 recruiting classes behind him. Montana Parsons will be a big loss, but with the battery of All Conference Troy Montemayor and All Everything Shea Langeliers leading the way Baylor could win 40.

They’ll both be sold out, so

I’m not a weatherman, but I’d recommend plenty of sunscreen applied before standing in the stadium security lines.

Ishmael Wilson listed as backup LG.

I’ll let you know WHEN I’M INVITED ON THE PODCAST! The following is for Peter:

That’s all I got for now. Questions and comments are welcome below.