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For whatever reason, I’ve been asked to take over the Friday Mailbag (which will run on Friday going forward). I suppose it’s because, like you, I love Baylor. No questions are off limits, but there is no guarantee that all will be answered. Also, let’s have fun!

No update yet, but the fact that he hasn’t been released seems to favor his playing.

This is a very important question as I like to maximize my rest and relaxation time with family and friends (code for partying). I have no news about the start time, but I’m all over it.

The surprise win, and you can quote me on this, will be when OU rolls into town. We will beat their team, we will beat their coaches, and we WILL BEAT their band into submission (shoutout to our amazing BUGWB). The unexpected loss will be in the National Championship game against [Insert Opponent Here]. I really don’t see us dropping a game we should win.

  1. Although Xavier sucks at basketball (see reference to the 15 point loss at the Ferrell), he is a legit contender to start due to the depletion of the O-Line. Enrolling in May didn’t hurt to bulk up and learn the system. Regardless, he will get PT.
  2. Allen is enrolling at Tyler JUCO. l think he will transfer from there to TCU.
  3. Hodges? I have no idea, but because it would be so delicious I will say he’ll become a Bear. SUCK IT ‘horns!

To the best of my recollection, it’s something like this:

I do think the media narrative is changing about Baylor. I give major credit for this to Matt Rhule. Even though he is new, he is the face of Baylor. His energy, enthusiasm, integrity, humility, openness, and work ethic are hard to fault. Here is an example of how Rhule is changing the narrative in this clip:

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.