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Daily Bears Reports 6/20- Football, Recruiting and Hoops

The summer has begun

NCAA Football: Cactus Bowl-Boise State vs Baylor Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Football Recruiting:

Baylor made the top five for Connor Galvin—a 2018 offensive tackle and top 150 player on 247.


The Daily Bears Reports has a link to the Dallas Morning News’ Adam Grosbard’s write up of Matt Rhule’s interview with NBC (six degrees of separation in every DBR!):

"We have three kids that we feel really good about. I don't know who the man under center is going to be to start the season. I don't know who our starter's going to be but what I do know is we have Anu Solomon who is a senior who as a freshman took Arizona to the Pac-12 championship game. He's a guy who can make plays with his feet, can make plays with arm, can make plays with his head. The guys on the team respond to him. He has a certain swagger that's infectious. Zach Smith played the last 4-5 games last year, led the team to a win over a really good Boise State team in a bowl game. He's got an NFL arm, he'll be a great NFL player. Charlie Brewer out of Lake Travis came in and he just has it. He won a state championship. He's got just a knack for making plays. All three are different but all three give us a really good chance to win. That's why I feel pretty good that the future's bright for us because we'll be good at quarterback for a long time."


Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune says this is one of the best drafts because of guys like Johnathan Motley:

The same can be said for someone like Baylor forward Johnathan Motley, or even Syracuse forward Tyler Lydon, both of whom are first-round talents in almost any other year.

Dan Favale of Bleacher Report compares Motley to Gorgui Dieng:

He's not particularly explosive or overbearing, but he'll defend both the 4 and 5. Solid awareness in space and a ridiculous 7'4" wingspan help him survive on glorified wings; pinpoint timing makes up for gaps in physicality when he's bruising with 5s.

Gorgui Dieng just feels like the right pick here. Dieng is taller, and Motley will pilot way more surprise fast breaks than him. But they're both lanky worker bees who have more layers to their game than most tend to realize.

I’ll do a mock NBA Draft before Thursday.

Sic ‘Em!