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Daily Bears Report 6/11/2017 - Thank you Bears for 2016/2017

That’s right, the summer doldrums have officially arrived.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas Tech Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

From Our Daily Bears to All of Baylor’s Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, Staff, and Fans:

Congratulations on an excellent 2016/2017 athletic season.

Today’s Events

Doldrums vs. Everyone, All Day

dol·drums, ˈdōldrəmz,ˈdäldrəmz/; noun, a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression. "there are no Baylor sports today, there will be none tomorrow or the day after or the next . . .”; synonyms: depression, melancholy, gloom, gloominess, downheartedness, dejection, despondency, low spirits, despair, inertia, apathy, listlessness, blahs, blue funk, blues.

Track & Field

Track & Field closed out Baylor’s 2016/2017 athletic season yesterday with an NCAA Outdoor Championship Tournament appearance which saw 21 Baylor athletes compete in 17 events. The Baylor women’s team placed 38th while the men’s team placed 74th. Full tournament results can be found at NCAA dot com.



New Big 12 chairman Gordon Gee outlines plan of attack:

“The opportunities for the Big 12 are substantial,” he said. “We went through the process last year of expansion and decided against it. We felt standing pat and really committing was in our best interest. We did commit to a football championship at AT&T Stadium [in Arlington, Texas], which will start this year. And we’ll revisit things every few years. But our goal is to secure our place as one of the premier Power 5 conferences.

“Well, the TV networks weren’t happy about us [possibly] expanding because we had that clause that would have increased our revenues,” he said. “But that wasn’t the sole motivating factor. In the end we really made the determination that, given the landscape, given the options we had, given the things we’re looking at, the teams we had just blended well together.

“Also, I’ll say this very honestly. I really feel very good about the chemistry of our presidents. We have new presidents, but the chemistry is very good — and that makes a big difference as one who has been going through the conference wars for a long time.”

Famous OBF Quote: “I like this guy.”