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Former Baylor Coach Guy Morriss is Battling Alzheimer’s

Sad news to report

Guy Morriss debuts

WKYT reports that Guy Morriss, former Baylor football head coach, is battling Alzheimer’s. They have an excellent interview with him:

"State of the art testing, looking at PET scan imaging of the brain, was able to detect plaques within the brain," said Dr. Greg Jicha, MD, Ph.D. "That is a hallmark feature of Alzheimer's disease."

For the past nine months, Guy and his wife Jackie have been dealing with that sobering diagnosis. Dr. Jica says the condition is very likely brought on by more than 20 years as an offensive lineman, 15 in the NFL.

Morriss was Baylor’s head football coach from 2003-2007.

Alzheimer’s is an awful disease, and we wish the best for Guy Morriss and his family. Jared Hamby had a link to a worthy charity: