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Previewing Baylor Football: Terence Williams’ Skill

The junior can really move

Northwestern State v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Terence Williams feels like he’s going to be a future “wait, that guy is still in college?” He’s been so good the last two years that his next two should be special.

This is the second look in a series that intends to break down every Baylor football player who is likely to see the field in 2017. You can read the first article on Zach Smith here.

We’ll take a look at Williams’ strengths, weakness and offer a prediction for his play this season.


Terence Williams has excellent stamina. He had at least 18 carries in five games last season. He ran all over Texas to the tune of 180 yards on 24 carries:

At 6-feet-2-inches he has surprisingly good elusiveness at the second level:

He also can run outside. Williams is a different runner than JaMycal Hasty. But Williams can still get outside for big gains:

But he refuses to go down either. The Bears will likely play more smash-mouth football, or at least they will occasionally. Williams is a back the Bears can count on:

Williams doesn’t have as many runs for 50+ yards. But the man is fast and capable of plenty of big gains:

Finally, Williams is a good blocker. He’s both naturally large and strong, which helps him not get blown up on plays. If Baylor uses tight ends more as receiving options, it will be nice to have Williams as an additional blocker. Against Texas Tech, he was ready to help the left tackle, then slowed the movement of a Tech linebacker. That gave Zach Smith enough time to throw a bomb for a touchdown:


Williams doesn’t have many weaknesses. He doesn’t have the highest top-end speed, but he’s a giant. It’s okay that his 40 yard dash time isn’t as fast as some backs because he’ll run over some linebackers. Williams has the tools to make a run at most Baylor rushing records.

His biggest weakness is that he hasn’t been used much as a receiving option. The last iteration of the Baylor offense was incredible. But running backs were rarely targeted. Williams had only two receptions last season. It’s not like the man forgets he can run over people when he’s targeted though:


Williams is a quality back who can handle a heavy workload. He’s been out this spring and fallen behind Hasty on the depth chart, but he should get a ton of carries this season.

There are few backs as strong, fast and big as Williams. Baylor is lucky to have him. If he stays healthy, he should have another 1,000 yard season and approach 10 touchdowns.