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Our Daily Mailbag 5/19- Football, Hoops and Life

The mailbag returns!

Baylor v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

My internet has been an absolute disaster the last two weeks. It finally returned at 10:30, so here we are.

The mailbag will return on Thursday next week. As always, you can send your questions via Twitter-@OurDailyBears or @kkaut, via email-, or you can find us on Facebook.

Let’s get to it:

I don’t think there’s really anything exclusive to campus worth that. If you showed up, you could see some people and visit several establishments. I can’t think of any campus that warrants a trip absent some other facet of the University.

But I say that as someone who enrolled in Theater Appreciation as a junior and dropped the class after the first day because the 20 minute walk to that side of campus was too much. I took the class as a senior and learned some things. My point is that I’m not the most cultured dude I brought some friends down for Baylor-Oklahoma in 2015. I showed them the campus, but I also showed them Scruff’s, Cricket’s and a football game.

He could get some carries at running back, but the vast majority of his time will be spent at wide receiver. Baylor’s top two running backs are excellent. Lynch might also be Baylor’s best receiver.

7.5 for penalties. Softball has a longer run. I have little confidence in predicting those last two things.

We received several great baseball questions. Fank has a story about the baseball team on the website. I will convince him to write a few others. I know a lot about Baylor basketball. I am not well-connected or an expert on Baylor baseball. But I believe in Fank.

If the Big 12 dissolves, Baylor’s best bet is finding a way to the ACC early. The SEC is very unlikely to add another Texas school because of voting blocs that will want to keep their state free of another school in the SEC.

Baylor will have a difficult time joining the PAC 12. Those schools have been reluctant to add religious universities.

The Big 10 could add Baylor and some Texas schools, but if the Big 12 dissolves, a ton of schools would want one of the final invites to that league. I don’t see Baylor getting invited there either.

That leaves the ACC. The conference would add a footprint in Texas and Baylor matches the culture of some of the teams there. Still, it would be a tough conference to join and Baylor would be a long way from much of the league. Baylor would be a much better academic institution than many potential additions, including West Virginia. But it’s a tough road.

Baylor’s best path continues to be the Big 12 finding a way to survive. I wrote at length about why I thought expansion was a terrible idea for Baylor, and why the addition of Houston would have been disastrous for Baylor. I’ll have more on this over the summer.

I think Leonard Allen will because Tristan Clark is likely to redshirt. The freshman will have a tough time getting minutes behind Terry Maston and Jo Lual-Acuil. Nuni Omot will also likely play a lot at power forward.

I haven’t grabbed food at McLane in a while. I think the best bet remains eating at the George’s tent or finding someone with George’s before the game.

I’ll answer this as a Waco question because there are a number of fried chicken establishments throughout the country that people could rightfully feel are snubbed.

Bush’s is excellent. The sides are better than Raising Cane’s. The sauce at Cane’s is phenomenal, and Popeye’s—when done right—can rival anything. The problem is that Popeye’s is horrifically inconsistent. Zaxby’s problem is that it’s awful.

I would take Bush’s.

Because too many people are unwilling to admit many things are easy. The microwave is right. The bag is a lie.

I will always add something that makes the gutpak less healthy. Add the mac & cheese.

Assuming we’re sticking with stuff people that file their taxes at H&R Block have heard of, everything but PBR is better.

I’d set it at 29. Basketball’s should be 22 and football should be seven.


We received many good questions, and we’ll try to answer more next week.

Sic ‘Em!