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Our Daily Mailbag 5/11- Football, Hoops and Life

We’re answering a lot of questions

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Baylor vs New Mexico State Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I didn’t have internet for five days, so we’re answering a ton of questions today. It still baffles me it takes a major corporation five days and three trips to a house to repair the internet. But I can send more passive-aggressive tweets to a giant corporation later.

Chicken fingers. If you don’t like the options in life, find a way to change them.

The duck would win. The Oregon Duck is one of the best mascots. Mr. McGowan was one of the greatest athletes to root for and his name reminds me of the song, “Hit the Quan.” What a song and a mascot. That duck couldn’t lose.

I’ve never played that game, but even if you loved the game, you’re probably going to remember more about the random people you played with, not the way the random people played.

I would want to hang out with Bruiser, Scott Drew, Jerome Tang, Matt Rhule, Fran Brown, Evan Cooper, Kim Mulkey and Quincy Acy. Acy would actually care about winning, and that would placate people who want a competitive game.

I never bet against Ish Wainright succeeding or Texas A&M football collapsing in November. I’ll say he gets five.

Absolutely. I looked in the mirror the other day, and the combo shampoo and conditioner I used made me look like a complete scrub. I then had that TLC song stuck in my head for the rest of the day too.

Baylor plays Liberty, UTSA and Duke to open the season. There is a 100% chance Baylor beats Liberty. I’d give the Bears a 95% shot to beat UTSA and an 85% chance to beat Duke.

I’m not a statistician, but I’d say the Bears have around a 75% chance to be 3-0. And even that feels kind of low. UTSA is pretty good. Duke is well-coached. I’ll be fairly surprised if they lose one of those games, but even really good teams lose to mediocre teams.

Tanner Mordecai is the most likely. He’s a Midway guy who grew up rooting for Baylor. But he has several big offers. Oklahoma desperately needs a quarterback in this class, and Lincoln Riley could make a huge run at him now that OU lost the guy they wanted to Texas. Missouri, Kansas and a host of schools could also promise early playing time. I think he’ll end up at Baylor, but it’s a coin flip

Jalen Mayden is announcing his commitment on May 23rd. He’s probably going to Mississippi State or Louisville. I’d love to land him, but everybody is guessing Mississippi State.

I think special teams and defense, if healthy, will be better this season. Orion Stewart and Ryan Reid are big losses. K.J. Smith, Davion Hall, Taylor Young, Ira Lewis, and the young cornerbacks are all capable of making All-Big 12 teams. If Travon Blanchard plays, he may be the best player on defense.

The team needs to stay healthy. That’s true for every team. It’s especially true for this team. The offensive line depth and third team options at some positions are dicey.

This seems like another 50-50 proposition. They’re both talented, but there aren’t many spots in the NFL. Antwan Goodley, Jay Lee and Levi Norwood haven’t stuck in the league. Those guys might not be as talented as Zamora or Cannon, but they all did more on special teams and worked like crazy.

Hopefully they both make a roster and last in the NFL. If I had to bet, I would guess neither will be on an active roster this season.

Drew asks: What is the one BU Target that sticks out to you and what chance does BU have of getting him?

Anthony Cook is the best guy Baylor might have a shot at landing. I think he’s going to Ohio State. I’d put Baylor’s odds at about 5%. Those are not high, but Matt Rhule and Evan Cooper have always seemed like the kind of guys that play poker with the “chip and a chair” philosophy. If there’s any shot, they’ll give Baylor the best possible chance.

He strikes me as a guy who will take some time and decompress. But who knows, maybe he’ll cash out and start a consulting firm and write a book.

Katy Perry’s peak is for sure better than Pink’s peak, but it feels like Pink will stay relevant for longer. She’s still producing hits. She’s not as relevant as she was in 2002, but she’s had a second and third act. I’m not sure that Katy Perry will do that.

But I would take Katy Perry. The run she had from the late 2000s until a few years ago was spectacular. I would prefer to hear Rich Homie Quan, but I’m not leaving a party or a bar if either artist comes on. If I get to pick, I’m picking Katy Perry though.

Be. But somebody brought up a good point about another Shakespeare work the other day. It was ridiculous that Macduff was not born of woman because of a c-section. Yeah, the mailbag is coming at Shakespeare and defending Katy Perry. If I lose internet for two weeks, the takes will get even hotter!

I used to eat Chipotle like five times a week. The staff at the Waco location knew me, I knew them and everybody was happy.

But after some people felt sick eating at Chipotle (I’m a half Chipotle illness truther), they switched their process for cooking steak. The new steak is awful.

Chipotle was a spot that bragged about their ingredients and charged more for the quality. I looked past their nonsense stance on GMOs and was willing to pay $11.80 for a burrito and large drink back when the steak was excellent. All good things end. Chipotle’s good has ended.

Freebirds has a lot of problems. They serve Pepsi. The multi-colored tortillas are just a distraction from the lack of taste the food has. And the way they make people check out is the least efficient process around.

I would go to Raising Cane’s. But it’s hard to audible to Cane’s, especially in Waco where people will be on to the scam before you can pull it off. I would choose Freebirds, but if you had told me I’d say that in 2012, I probably would have assumed Chipotle had finally collapsed. It basically has.

I’d expect the Bears to have good opponents. So much of the future schedule is already set—Baylor will play Oregon at the end of the next decade. The University continues to claim they need home games, which may limit some of the non-conference quality. But I think at some point the Texas Tech game will return to a home-and-home, which should alleviate some of that problem.

Become the guy in charge of music at a party.

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