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Daily Bears Report 5/10/17

Baylor Athletics Headlines and Other Stuff

Baylor Lady Bears v Louisiana State Lady Tigers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I'll be honest I can't remember how to do this in any capacity. This isn't going to be good. Don't get your hopes up.

Baseball Scores Runs

I'm pretty sure this is the one with the metal sticks, but with the ball that moves.

Baylor Baseball played Prarie View. It didn't go well for Prarie View.

Lots of runs were scored for Baylor, and not for Prairie View. Like, 15 of them for Baylor. Only like... two? For Prairie View. Prairie is a weird word to type a lot. What is that "a" doing in between those r's? Not scoring runs for PVU that's for sure.

Tennis Guy Adds Himself to Tennis Guy Tournament List

Tennis is the one with the holey rackets and bright yellow jersey-colored fuzzy balls. Baylor Tennis has three different guys going to the championships, which is a lot more than the minimum of zero guys. Johannes Schretter, who also is a major villain in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe, will join his two other teammates at the NCAA Singles Championship which starts up on May 24th for them. I was not invited. I can't seem to control the vertical path of my returns. It's okay.

KD Cannon Football Player

KD Cannon played football at Baylor, and he is trying to play football for money in the National Football League. There are a lot of good players in the "N" "F" "L", and KD Cannon is trying to show that he can be one of them. The team in San Francisco didn't like KD that much, but that's okay. KD is going to New York to play football with his friend Bryce Petty. I hope the New York Jets team likes KD Cannon.

Seth Russell Football Player

Seth Russell also played football at Baylor, and he got invited to show off his football playing this weekend at the New Orleans Saints rookie mini-camp.

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