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Daily Bears Reports 4/22- Green & Gold Game and Hoops

Baylor football takes the field

NCAA Football: Rice at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports


John Werner of the Waco-Tribune Herald looks at the Green & Gold game:

Rhule will match his first-team offense against the first-team defense to get a better feel of how his squad has progressed.

“ I don’t believe you can be a tough team and go 1’s on 2’s,” Rhule said. “I know a lot of people do that. It makes everyone feel good because you score a bunch of points on offense and you get a shutout on defense. You get 15 work days and we’re going to go 1’s on 1’s, 2’s on 2’s.”

KWTX says all three QBs will play in the game:

Those three will all get reps with the first team Saturday and all three have a chance to make a big impression on their coaches and the fans before heading into the summer months.


SicEmSports broke the story of Leonard Allen’s commitment on Thursday night:

John Wener has some good quotes from Baylor’s newest commitment, Leonard Allen:

Allen averaged 14.7 points and 10 rebounds as a senior at Round Rock High School in 2012-13 but decided not to play basketball immediately after high school. Instead, he worked at a gym in Round Rock.

“I felt like I had to gather myself,” Allen said. “I got a feel for the working life and did some work in customer service. But then I decided I had to pick up a ball again. I had to get back into it somehow.”

Ashley Hodge of SicEm365 had a good interview as well (free):

What would you say to those who may doubt your commitment to basketball based on playing one year in the last four? Has the love for the game been reignited?

Allen: I really don't have much to say to those that doubt me right now. If I were in their shoes, I would ask that same question.

We’ll have coverage throughout the day of Baylor’s spring game. Josh DeMoss and I will do a Facebook Live later tonight about the game. We’ll also discuss Baylor hoops. Have a good day. Sic ‘Em!