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Dr. Linda Livingstone Announced as New Baylor President

Dr. Linda Livingstone was announced as the 17th President of Baylor University.

Dr. Livingstone has been named president of Baylor University.

Per official Baylor statement, Dr. Linda Livingstone has been announced as Baylor University’s new president.

Livingstone previously served as Dean and Professor of Management at George Washington University. She will become the first female president in Baylor’s history when she assumes her roles on June 1st.

Livingstone does have time logged in Waco. She served as a professor and associate dean of grad programs for the business school from 1991-2002. The Baylor statement gives much more excellent detail on her experience.

Livingstone will face a number of challenges from day one in her new role, namely the ongoing initiative to curb sexual assault and increase effective response to those crimes. Also worth mentioning: the ever approaching realignment conversations that will almost assuredly sweep the Big 12 in the upcoming years.

Her past experience and success foreshadows nothing but promising things in Baylor’s future.

We welcome Dr. Livingstone back to Waco and wish her the best of luck in leading this great university!