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How to Watch the NCAA Tournament on Thursday

The games are spread out on four networks

NCAA Basketball: Xavier at Baylor Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

The best sports event of the year kicks off Thursday. There are 16 games on Thursday, and then 16 on Friday.

All games air on one of four networks: CBS, TNT, trutv, or TBS. All four of those networks are offered on major cable packages. Those networks have broadcast the games for the last few years.

If you lack cable, you can stream the games online. You’ll need access to a cable subscription. Once you have that, you can stream the games here.

The games begin at 11:15 A.M. Notre Dame takes on Princeton on CBS. For the final game of the day, Nevada takes on Iowa State at 8:57 on trutv. There are 14 games between those two contests.