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Baylor Football Recruiting Notes (published 3/14)

2018 Recruiting Class| National Rank: 37 | Commits: 2

Offense: QB (0/?), RB (0/?), WR (1/?), TE (0/?), OL (1/?)
WR: Joshua Fleeks
OT: Jackson Kimble
OT: Ylijaah Hall

Defense: DT (0/?), DE (0/?), LB (0/?), NB (0/?), CB (0/?), S (0/?)

2018 Wishlist:

QB: Colson Yankoff (50% Stanford, 50% Oregon)
QB: Jalen Mayden
QB: Tanner Mordecai
QB: Devin Leary (50% Maryland, 50% Rutgers)
RB: Ricky Slade (Penn State commit)
RB: Stanley Hackett (100% Texas Tech)
RB: Craig Williams
RB: Shaun Shivers (Auburn commit)
RB: Keaontay Ingram (100% Texas)
RB: Ta’Zhawn Henry
RB: Asa Martin (100% Ole Miss)
RB: Kirby Bennett (100% UCLA)
WR: Jalen Preston (84% TAMU, 16% Oregon)
WR: Brennan Eagles
WR: CJ Moore (100% OU)
WR: Eric Fuller (Nebraska commit)
WR: Miles Battle
WR: Ke’von Ahmad
WR: Kalon Barnes (100% TAMU)
WR: Tommy Bush
TE: Kyle Pitts
TE: Mustapha Muhammad (50% TAMU, 25% Texas, 25% Clemson)
OG: Chasen Hines (100% Texas)
OG: Barton Clement (100% TAMU)
OT: Rafiti Ghirmai (100% Texas)
OT: Trey Stratford (100% Texas)
OT: Casey Phillips

DE: Micah Parsons (Penn State commit)
DE Jarell Cherry (100% Texas)
DE: Joseph Ossai (100% TAMU)
DE: Alton Robinson (JUCO)

CB: Christian Tutt
CB: Jalen Green (100% LSU)
CB: LaDarrius Bishop (100% Arkansas)
CB: D’shawn Jamison
CB: Verone McKinley III (50% Tx Tech, 50% TAMU)
S: Isheem Young (67% PSU, 33% FSU)
S: Atanza Vongor
S: Leon O’Neal Jr. (100% TAMU)
S: Patrick Fields (100% OU)
ATH: Jaquayln Crawford (71% Texas, 29% TCU)

Players Removed:



3/14: Two nights ago, the players were placed into distinct “team groups.” You can follow them all on Twitter. I do not know who is in what group. Coach Rhule is responsible for this team activity which, will mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but is a great way to build some team chemistry.

Here is a list of the ones I have found (please put any other ones I might have missed in the comments):

3/14: Created the recruiting thread