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This is March

No really, it’s March.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Baylor Sean Pokorny-USA TODAY Sports

Today is March 1, the first day of March. And that can only mean one thing:


Don't believe me? Well you should. But if you are skeptical, we have Jon Rothstein to help us determine whether or not a day in March is in fact March.

So far, the Baylor basketball team has given us a hell of a ride this season. A group that was picked to finish middle of the pack in the Big 12 and received 0 votes in the preseason AP poll has surpassed all expectations. The Bears have defeated four top 10 opponents, the most in any season in program history. Scott Drew has by far, by any statistical measure you want to use, his best defensive team in his 14 year tenure at BU. Johnathan Motley has a legitimate shot to become Baylor's first player ever to be named as a 1st team AP All-American. All these things have been great and fun and yay sports!

But this is March.

And in college basketball, March is where you cement your legacy. A full five month season can be encapsulated in one singular moment of March Madness. We stew about gutwrenching buzzer beating defeats to some coach's kid from Georgia State because this is March. We hate rage until the end of time that Brian Zoubek is actually a terrible person because this is March. And yet, we also throw up the Brady Heslip 3 goggles because this is March. We gleam with pride in taking out the entire state of Nebraska in one weekend because this is March. We still laugh at clumsy ol' Green Eggs and Samhan because this is March. Heck, one time we even celebrated like we won the freaking national championship just for making it to March because this is March.

This Baylor team has a chance to do something incredibly special in March. With one of the best players in college basketball in Motley, a jack of all trades senior leader in Ish Wainright, a backcourt that appears to be surging at the right time, and a head coach who is actually good at being a head coach (gasp!), the pieces are in place to make a run at Baylor's first Final Four since 1950. Now we just let the March roulette wheel take shape and let the chips fall where they may.

This basketball season has given us a sense of pride in our university at a time when that pride has been put to the ultimate test over the last nine months. And now we could be looking our highest ever seed in the NCAA Tournament. But as we know from the last two years, a high seed doesn't guarantee you anything in March. But I'm confident that this team and this coaching staff is going to make us proud. So let's enjoy the ride for as long as it may last. Hopefully when April rolls around, we're all booking plane trips to Arizona.

But first, please beat the living crap of Texas on Saturday. I beg you. Sic em Bears.