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College Basketball Gambling Picks 12/9

2017 Oaks Day Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

I’ve picked every Baylor basketball right and am 3-1 against the spread. So, if you want to lose money betting in a totally unrelated field, here are the picks. We’ll do these quite a bit:

Michigan -4.5 v. UCLA- Aaron Holiday is incredible. Neither team is very consistent, but take the best player.

Wisconsin -6 v. Marquette- Another game of two teams that are tough to figure out. I don’t trust Wisconsin to beat a decent team by that much.

MTSU -3.5 v. Ole Miss- MTSU has a better roster and should win this game by at least five. Take the non-SEC team.

San Diego State -14.5 v. Cal- Cal has been an absolute disaster this season. Bet against them if the line is under 20.

Wichita State -5.5 v. Oklahoma State- The Cowboys have looked better, but the Shockers are much better. They should win this one easily.

West Virginia -13 v. Pitt- The Mountaineers system usually destroys bad teams. Pitt is a bad team. West Virginia by a billion.

Arizona -7.5 v. Alabama- Arizona appears to be back! And Rawle Alkins should be back too.

Cincinnati -1. v. Florida- The Gators have been slumping, but they have the better roster.