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Baylor Defeats Sam Houston State 84-56

Sic ‘Em!

NCAA Basketball: Wichita State at Baylor Dustin Safranek-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor (6-2) beat Sam Houston State (5-4) 84-56. Baylor takes on Randall at 6:00 on Saturday.

Baylor opened with a 10-2 lead, but Sam Houston State scored the next eight points. Baylor followed it up with a 12-1 run. During that stretch, the Bears held the Bearcats scoreless for over four minutes.

If there’s something to gripe about tonight—and there shouldn’t be too much—Sam Houston State ended the first half on an 8-0 run. Mark Vital fouled a 3-point shooter and Nuni Omot threw a full-court pass to nobody. The Bearcats ended the half by making a 3-pointer.

Sam Houston State was over-matched. Baylor lived at the line—the Bears finished 16-of-24 from the stripe.

The Bearcats attempted to push the pace, but they still couldn’t find good looks. The Bears held the Bearcats to a 34% field goal percentage. And they shot just 5-of-26 from 3-point land.

Omot had a nice game. Tristan Clark, Jo Lual-Acuil and Mark Vital were too big for Sam Houston to guard with one man. When they’d send help, Omot was open and made 3-point shots. He finished with a career high 15 points.

The Bears had a much better shooting night than they did on Saturday. Baylor finished 10-of-26 from deep. The better shooting night opened up the offense and Baylor had just eight turnovers.

The Bears won easily and some guys got a chance to regain some confidence after losing twice last week. Tyson Jolly looked good in his time on the court too; A good night for the Bears.