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ODB Basketball Gambling Picks 12/26

2017 Oaks Day Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

We had a rough week last time we did this, so we’re due to win. Or it’s wise to bet the opposite of these picks.

The later week games have not posted yet. We’ll do a second set of picks when those come out.

Butler -4 v. Georgetown- The Hoyas have played one of the worst schedules in the country. The Bulldogs get the victory.

Xavier -3.5 v. Marquette- Xavier is a good clip better than Marquette.

SMU -10.5 v. UCF- The Ponies are very good. UCF is a football school.

Nevada -2.5 v. Boise State- I’ll take the Broncos in the upset (even though I just mentioned football schools). Nevada’s maybe not quite as good as advertised.