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The Christmas Edition

We need at least one more. Space is limited and I don’t know how the early signing shifted the landscape for QB’s who were available. As of right now, I see us entering Spring with 2 scholly QB’s.

The speed will fit in with what CMR wants to do offensively. We will be improved because of a seasoned OL and depth needed to execute the current offense.

The two most notable that stick out to me are defensively BJ Handspard and offensively Bralen Taylor. Both can address immediate areas of need. The OL should be pretty set next season, but Connor Galvin could see the field.

Brewer is the guy going into Spring, but CMR will let Bohannon compete for the QB1 spot. Having 1 12 years of the system under his belt will give Charlie the edge...for now.

I’ll have to get back to you on this.

We should be dramatically improved this season as we’ll have both depth and experience. Throw in Fruhmorgen and maybe juco transfer Valentin, and we’ll be competitive. The following year we’ll be dominate.

As much as I appreciate Joy and Lady, I don’t have an inside line. Then again, when I attended good ‘ol BU you could literally climb over the fence and down into the Bear Pit with Judge. So, there’s that.

7-6, no. 14-0, maybe.

With the commitment of the staff to develop players as well as men, I think they would. But, only after a thorough vetting as high character and fit are important to them.

No. He came to Baylor to showcase his ability as a WR for the NFL.

Depth and TO’s. But, we’ll do just fine.

Bohanon will not redshirt. As for the rest of your questions

Baylor Bears, of course!

That’s all for this week. Leave other questions or comments below.