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Haven’t been following conference wide very closely, but it looks like BU could have over 12 of the recruiting class sign on the 20th. The big catch would be QB Gerry Bohanon. If he commits he will sign on the 20th. I think this is likely to happen.

Part 2:

It did, I mean do, I mean does nothing to change CB’s role as QB 1. This is Brewer’s team now. But, we do know that CMR is big on competition and if GB signs he would be on campus for the spring session. That would make things a bit more interesting.

As we saw from last year and seeing again this year, CMR & staff are great recruiters. I can definitely see some some more commits rolling in before Dec 20th. My answer? Yes.


Yes indeed. The most likely will be OL Johncarlo Valentin who would help immediately. An interesting one to watch is QB Terry Wilson. With the news of Zach transferring, we could be taking 2 QB’s this class. We’ve seemed to have cooled on OL Willie Allen.

Because of the answers above, I don’t think we’ll go after a grad transfer.

Can’t speak for anyone else, but I have. The coaches have offered three players from the Newton team for 2019 including all world running back Darwin Barlow. Of the three Barlow is most likely to end up a Bear, but I wouldn’t count out the other two.

Defensively I’m interested in seeing DE Justin Harris and Terrel Bernard. Bernard will be coming off of a medical RS as a freshman. He played in 2 games before the injury. Offensively, OL Khalil Keith has the size and frame to be a contributor.

Offensively Christoph Henle, defensively and the one I’m most excited about is BJ Hanspard Jr..

A new backscratcher

That’s it for this week. Leave comments and other questions below.