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When your buddies ask you before the game if you think we will beat Kansas, you confidently answer

And when we get off to our typical slow start by not scoring in the 1st Q against’re

But then when you see the beautiful #B2H (Brewer to Holmes) touchdown taking the lead to begin the 2nd Q you are

And when we catch lightning in a bottle and finally see a TE TD caught by Feuerbacher you go

Just a few minutes later when Holmes gets back into the scoring act by running the ball in for a touchdown you were

As our team headed to the locker room with a commanding 21-6 lead at the half, you gave them

And for the first time this season, you didn’t have to resort to this during the half

In the 3rd Q when you finally got to see Mr. “Welcome to Painville” Williams do his thing and score his first TD of the season you were

And when we topped the scoring off with a lob in the corner of the end zone to Ish Wainwright it brought back beautiful memories of this

All game long, Taylor Young was unstoppable on D like

Towards the end of the game, there was a spotting of this familiar KU fan

With us finally getting a W, you were

And when you think about UT still being the last Big 12 team to lose to Kansas, you

That’s it for this week. Add your GIFs below.