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Big 12 Championship Week Preview

TCU v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

#3 Oklahoma vs. #11 TCU

Saturday, December 2nd 11:30 AM CT, FOX

Well, here it is people. The inaugural/renewed Big 12 Championship game is this weekend and it pits the #1 Big 12 team, Oklahoma (11-1), against the #2 Big 12 team, TCU (10-2). This contest will be played at the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. Given TCU’s close proximity to the stadium and OU’s large alumni base, I imagine Jerry’s World will be fairly packed with a good divide, maybe slightly favoring Oklahoma. Either way, this will be a strong neutral site game. At the writing of this article, Oklahoma is favored by 7 points over the Horned Frogs. With Oklahoma’s 38-20 victory over TCU earlier in the season (that was even less close than that score indicates), that line should seem generous to Horned Frogs fans.

Much like my prediction for these teams’ first meeting, I think this game will be decided by quarterback play. Love him or hate him (and trust me, I’m not in the love him camp), Baker Mayfield is probably the best player, let alone quarterback, in college football this year. Kenny Hill, on the other hand, has fluctuated between passable to disastrous this season, with the Iowa State game coming to mind as a good example of disastrous. While Oklahoma certainly has its flaws—secondary play in particular—I think they get it done and win this game.

Now for Baylor fans, what team do we want to win? It’s very much a problem of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. All other implications aside, I would probably prefer TCU win this game. But the Big 12 really needs a team to make the CFP this year to get some of the conference’s doom and gloom media focus to go away. So I guess I want Oklahoma to win? Gross I know. Granted, there are some that want complete chaos this year in the hopes that it forces the NCAA’s hand to expand the playoff to 8 teams. If you’re in that camp, you definitely want TCU to win. I don’t buy that a chaotic playoff would make the NCAA change anything but that’s just my opinion.

Bottom line, I’m taking OU over TCU 42-31. Who do you think will win the renewed Big 12 Championship? Who do you want to win? Let us know in the comments! Sic ‘em