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That’s a tough one. I’ll rule out Manu due to the fact he will only have played at BU for 2 seasons and the 2nd has just started. But, he’s certainly picked up where he left off last season so far. FWIW, last season he hit 40% of his 3’s.

That leaves us with two. LAC3 in 4 years sits 2nd All-Time Big12 with 388 3’s (one 3 from 1st), hitting 39% of his attempts over that span. H3SLIP is 7th All-Time Big12 with 301 3’s, hitting over 43% of his attempts. It’s close, but I’m gonna have to go with LAC3.

Ummm...I really don’t know any of her songs.

At WR, Joshua Fleeks and Tommy Bush (if we land him). At TE Braylon Taylor and Ben Sims. OT Connor Galvin could get some playing time. DT Joshua Landry and S JT Woods.

BNT 2 for 1:

Yes. No.

We have to convert red zone appearances into points. If we don’t, we won’t win. Gold/Gray/White?! I like the sound of it.

Beating ISU and TCU (I don’t see that happening) and landing Bohanon and Bush (I can see this happening).

Expand to 8 teams with the winner of each P5 conference receiving an automatic bid and inviting 3 at large teams based upon record and strength of schedule.

That’s it for this week. Leave questions and comments below.