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Football, Connor Martin, Punting Tryouts, and Being Wrong

Agree with your thoughts. Sometimes it seems that this guy is drawing up plays for us.

Rhule seems a consistent disciplinarian as he has been and still is committed to developing men who win both on and off the field. As for a contrast to Briles, I respectfully choose to look forward and have been impressed with what I’ve seen so far...regardless of the win/loss record.

I’m close to saying yes, but I can’t because of the dropped snap. So, we can’t put him at WR. Otherwise Connor,

Yes, he’s also an honorary member of the Baylor Equestrian Team.

No. He is committed to the seniors as well as the freshmen. Being super competitive, I can’t comprehend him not burning to win.

My mind says I’m ready to tryout, my body says otherwise (as does Mrs. BNT). The tryouts are still taking place, but I do have some footage to share.

If you’re interested in checking out another hopeful, give @PabloMondragonK a follow. He’s posted some pretty impressive videos of his punting and kicking.

So wrong that I wrote a little song for you and John McGinley was kind enough to sing it.

But in all fairness, having our 1 & 2 (Feurerbacher and Wainwright) on the depth chart injured hasn’t helped in using the TE option.

I don’t visit tailgates.

Could be, and let me add the most feared. Here’s a tweet from our SBN West Virginia counterpart after Saturday’s game.

He’s still out with mono, no return date slated yet.

Extra time to heal up, learn and prepare will certainly help. So,

That’s it for this week. Leave other questions or comments below.