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What If Wednesday?: “Would You Rather” Edition

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Well we’re in the middle of the first bye week of the season and there aren’t many good “what ifs” coming out of last week’s game against Kansas State. So I thought I’d mix it up for this week and try out a new format.

I’m going to list a few “would you rather” hypotheticals and give my take on it. I highly encourage you all to comment your choices and perhaps suggest some other “would you rather” questions for others to choose between!

#1: Would you rather take a full force charge from Rico Gathers or trip and fall at the very front of the Baylor Line?

This is a tricky question. Taking a charge from Rico would be absolutely devastating and could easily lead to an injury of some sort. However, falling in the front of the Baylor Line can also lead to trampling related injuries and is just embarrassing. I think I would take the Rico charge so that I could brag about it to my friends.

#2: Would you rather faint on the spot wherever you are whenever Scott Drew calls a timeout or squirt ink out of your ears like a squid whenever Matt Rhule calls a timeout?

Needless to say, I don’t think anyone could sit next to you during a Baylor Football game unless they want to be in the inky “splash zone.” But, you also couldn’t ever be driving or doing anything important during a Baylor Men’s Basketball game because Scott Drew timeouts are about as predictable as which basketball program will be busted next by the FBI. I think I’d take the squid ink and invest in a lot of towels.

#3: Would you rather sweat as much as Gary Patterson does during a game constantly or sweat the amount you currently do, but it’s actually mayonnaise?

I think this question comes down to whether or not I would get someone who carries my sweat towel like Gary Patterson has during games. If yes, I’d take the Gary Patterson sweat. If not, mayonnaise me up.

#4: Would you rather lose $50 every time Baylor gets called for a defensive penalty in football or lose $5 for every bad call Big 12 Refs make in favor of KU Basketball?

Baylor Football has been making a LOT of defensive mistakes over the past few weeks (offsides galore against Kansas State). BUT, if you follow Big 12 basketball at all you know taking the $5 loss on favorable KU Basketball calls will put you in debt faster than a healthy Chris Platt on a go route. I’ll take the painful $50 losses for defensive penalties over the crippling debt that would be incurred by Big 12 basketball refs.

Have any other “would you rather” questions you’d like to ask? Leave them in the comments for myself and others to answer!