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BNT’s Game Recap In GIFS

Once again the Wizard worked his methodical and predictable magic in Manhattan.

Excitedly settling in to watch the game with high hopes that our Bears would get their first win.

But, your excitement turns to concern when you see another opponent quickly march their first drive of the game down for a score.

You feel a little better when we have a nice drive, yet settle for a FG.

And it looks like we catch a break in the 2nd Quarter when we recover a fumble on the punt inside the red zone, but when we try to kick a field goal and it’s blocked

On our next offensive series, when you see Charlie Brewer coming in for 2 plays for no apparent reason burning his redshirt.

What it looked like watching KSU QB Ertz run during the first half.

But, what Ertz seemed like as he plodded his way through our D to give KSU a big lead at the half.

When punter Connor Martin took off running on a fake punt to pick up a first down on our first possession of the 3rd Quarter, and then converted a field goal

What Lovett looked like breaking off a 74 yd TD run to cut KSU’s lead to a single score in the 3rd.

Once again, you were feeling hopeful as our D tightens and we get the ball back.

But you watch in amazement when Nicholson fails to fall on the ball on a high snap allowing KSU to recover inside their red zone which they convert to a quick score.

Yet, when we answer right back on a Zach to Mims 70 yd TD strike to once again cut the lead to a single score you can hardly contain yourself.

And you are trying everything to help us win.

But, when you watch KSU recover another fumble inside their red zone with a few minutes left you know it’s over.

Disappointed with another loss, you say

Well, that’s it for this week. Add your comments and/or GIFs below.