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Let’s begin with a fan favorite, BNT 2 for 1 (since they’re both kind of related):

We need to put points on the board the first half. We do that against WVU, OU, etc and we most likely win those games. As to why we start off so slow, I’m at a loss. But, maybe we have enough experience and confidence this week to open it up offensively the first half and put pressure on the Longhorn D while putting points on the board.

Well congrats, Patrick! Now let’s get down to business,

  1. Yes there is a chance as hopefully we won’t need many points to beat UT. A 7 point lead could be insurmountable for them as anemic as their offense has been.
  2. I would expect you to show no mercy to your father-in-law if when we win. GIVE NO QUARTER!
  3. As for your fiancé, tread lightly. Your honeymoon is on the line.

I prefer gray/green/black, but yeah, why not. Btw, home team can wear white pants...dark jersey, but white pants are ok.

I see Ebner being more of a 3rd down back because of his hands and route running ability for catching the ball out of the backfield. But, Lovett is going to be the man. Love (no pun intended) his running style and he’s starting to be patient and allow the holes to develop. As for the OL, I agree with Mark:

Lovett gives us both an inside and outside threat. Pretty good blocker as well.

Congrats! My advice to you:

I’m pretty sure Seastrunk is no longer at BU, but I’ll double check. Kidding aside, if Ebner continues to develop watch out.

Probably, but I think we’ll see a lot of him regardless.

Jake Fruhmorgen will immediately step in the tackle position and be the best lineman on the team. Jalen Hurd, who CMR has says “makes everyone around him better”, will give us another threat at WR. Talented James Lockhart should be an immediate impact player with the graduation of Brian Nance.

On the recruit front, everyone seems positive and understands we are rebuilding. They believe in CMR and also believe they can be difference makers. I don’t see us losing anyone at this point. Baylor Diehards gives a good overview of the recruiting class to date here.

An appropriate question for this week. In 1974 we faced 12th ranked UT and were down 24-7. Led by Neal Jeffrey, the Bears fought back to win the game 34-24 and used the win as a springboard in winning our first SWC title. The game has been forever named the Miracle On The Brazos.

The temp, expected to be in the low 50’s by game time, won’t even compare to the Ice Fog Bowl. This is a selfie I took at that game.

See my answer above, Cade.

CMR would be interesting and I would make sure we had a ping pong table close by. Player? Clay Johnston is a lot of fun!

You know she is because she recruits

That’s it for this week. Leave questions or comments below.