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Big 12 Power Rankings 10/24

The rankings!

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

1) TCU- The Big 12’s best playoff shot. They look like the best team in the league, but only Oklahoma has made it through the nine team schedule undefeated.

2) Oklahoma- The Sooners have looked bad at times in Big 12 play. Baker Mayfield remains one of the country’s best players.

3) Oklahoma State- Mason Rudolph and the offense are normally money, but they did nearly nothing against Texas.

4) Iowa State- The Cyclones are much better than they have been in over a decade.

5) West Virginia- The Bears nearly came back, and Texas Tech built a massive lead. Stretches of tough play limit their ceiling.

6) Texas Tech- The Red Raiders don’t look as good as they did in non-conference play.

7) Texas- Texas has a great recruiting class and a talented roster. They’re also in danger of missing a bowl game.

8) Kansas State- Maybe Bill Snyder will go on a run, but it’s undeniable this has been a disappointing season in Manhattan.

9) Baylor- Baylor shows flashes. They’re 0-7, but the future remains bright.

10) Kansas- David Beaty may need a win over Baylor on November 4th to get a fourth season.