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Oh So Cose

When it’s game day and you were trying to get to McLane as fast as you could.

Watching Rachel Baribeau, who has been committed to helping us Change the Narrative, honorarily run with our awesome Baylor Line choked you up.

Then as we start out fast by taking the opening kickoff and moving the ball to our 33, but get nada as we turn it over on tried to hold back the disappointment.

When WVU jumps to a quick 10 point lead but Connor MVP Martin keeps it close with two field goals, you give him the ultimate respect by proclaiming him the best kicker since Bruce Lee.

What our safeties looked like as they missed assignments and tackles that helped WVU build a comfortable lead (particularly against Sills).

How you coped while watching WVU build a 25 point lead by the end of the 3rd Q.

And it didn’t look hopeful as you saw true freshman all over the field for us, including our skill positions, to begin the 4th Q.

But, you watched in amazement as they grew up before your very eyes while taking over the 4th Q.

What Brewer looked like juking and trucking WVU players, showing he was the GOAT.

And while watching Brewer, Ebner, Holmes and company furiously scoring in the 4th Q bringing us within 2 points of a tie you were

But, when we didn’t convert on the 2 pt attempt falling a tad short you said

Your emotions and respect for our team, who played their hearts out, as they left the field .

That’s it for this week. Add yours and let’s have a chuckle. Oh and I look forward to doing a WINNING GAME IN GIFS next week! #SicUT