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Baylor Basketball Ranked 19th on KenPom Preseason Rankings

The Big 12 is highly thought of, again

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor opens the season 19th in Ken Pomeroy’s college basketball rankings. The Bears finished last season 13th.

Ken Pomeroy’s rankings are some of the most respected and cited in college basketball. Pomeroy combines the four factors of basketball: shooting, rebounding, turnovers and free throws. He then adjusts those statistics for pace of play and quality of competition.

The Big 12 fares very well on KenPom. All 10 teams are ranked in the top 50. Kansas is 5th, followed by WVU at 7th, TCU at 14th, and then Baylor at 19th. With so many good teams and excellent depth, KenPom lists the Big 12 as the country’s best conference.