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Uniforms, Recruits, and Homecoming Meals

I’m a fan of the Chrome/Black/Green personally. But, I’m good with either.

We are ok...for now. You do bring up a good point about the possibility of immediate playing time. This would have to be attractive to many recruits. From what I can tell, we are recruiting to CMR’s plan. It’s more of a best fit approach, which should make a positive difference in the future.

Anu is still out. There is no definitive timeline in recovering from a concussion. You can learn more here.

Playoffs?! I like your optimism! But, I have no idea. Bowl game on the other hand, with players gaining experience and continued development, I think 2018 is a possibility.

If you’ve never had breakfast at the World Cup Cafe on 15th, it’s a must. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. Good lunches as well. Oh and it’s non-profit run by Mission Waco. If you like authentic Cajun food, the Cajun Craft on 11th will surprise you. They are different than the normal spots.

3 part answer to 3 part question:

  • I have 4 favorite memories that I witnessed: 1) The Worm Game - 2-7 Baylor stunning highly ranked UT 38-14 because Legendary Coach Grant Teaff ate a worm. 2) Watching Mike Singletary live during his career (any game). 3) Beating UT for our first Big 12 Championship during the Ice Fog Bowl and the Case’s last game ever (my feet are still thawing out). 4) 61-58 - surrealistic to say the least.
  • Establish a north/south running attack (please no more jet sweeps). Receivers to hold on to the ball. Defensive line to pressure Greir. Safeties need to make tackles.

That’s it for this week. Other questions or comments, leave below.