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It’s just another day to me, but there was no way I wasn’t gonna drop the mailbag on Friday the 13th.

On to the questions!

Bohanon is still the #1 target, but it is interesting that Louisville commit Jordan Travis was offered last week. Make out of it what you will.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ll be like

Baylor, WV, Texas, and TCU will be tough. I’d love to say our Bears, but I have to go with Kansas. That is, if they don’t get tripped up.

TCU losing and OU beating UT (but Mayfield only having 104 yds/NoTD’s/3Picks). That’d be ok.

Alabama, Clemson, Penn State, and Washington State. Welp...


Game? Other than playing for the natty against UCONN, it’s pretty awesome that we have Stanford at home on 12/3. Well, either that or Tarleton.

Player? You gotta love

No disrespect to Bray (who almost broke my arm giving me a high five one time), but LaQ’s got the size, strength, speed, and feet.

Sounds like he’s assuming that we will always have lesser talent or players that can’t be coached up, or coaches that can’t coach. Could OSU/AL consistently compete without the 4/5 star athletes? Does coaching matter? Exhibit A: Are they back? Hint:

Dunno, but

We need to keep that streak alive.

I’d have to look at the video again, but I think it was the other leg. Don't @ me if I’m wrong!

With what CMR walked into, while basically losing a recruiting class, and is expected to win right away...all I can say is

My assumption is that lighter is better. That would be Tevor White at 165lbs. So, we’d have a +13 yards before he ever kicked the ball. I would hope he could at least make contact.


Are you really sure you want my opinion on this? I can hear it now, “Well, BNT said...”.

Next question


Well, that’s all for this week. Feel free to leave other questions or comments below. Sic’ OSU!